Mekong Vitality project has provided 1,095 women in Vinh Long province with financial education, increasing average income of US$1/day to US$8/day

Our purpose is to help millions of people get fair and affordable access to essential, everyday services by helping them to make the most of their data through:

  • Improving financial identities and access to credit
  • Providing credit and financial education
  • Tackling unmanageable debt among vulnerable groups

We were shortlisted for the 2017 Singapore Sustainable Business Awards and nominated for a UN Women #HeForSheAward in 2016.

View our 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

  • Empowered 15,000 women from our community partnerships
  • Donated 5 products to unlock the power of charities
  • Volunteered 5,300 hours worth $160,000
  • Invested $360,000 in the community
  • Invested $160,000 in social innovation